Court Ordered Assessments and Treatment

If you are engaged in a legal proceeding in which the mental health of you or someone involved is factor to making a determination in the case, a mental health assessment may be requested. The expert assessment from a mental health professional in this situation becomes very important. For one, the court is not qualified to handle such matters on its own accord. It is also a sign that the court may be considering an outcome that favors your interests, due to the nature of the circumstances. Court ordered mandated treatments and assessments generally involve an interview with the client and possibly other associated parties. During this process, the therapist will implement the appropriate methodologies that are used to measure and gauge mental health.

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Court Ordered Counseling Services Available

Immigration Psych Evaluation

Immigration hardship evaluations are psychological reports written by a mental health professional in relation to a pending immigration case. The process of the psychological evaluation aims to predict the hardship or distress that would be experienced by a US citizen as a result of deportation. Our job is simply to present a diagnosis and an argument within the report stating why there will be detriment to this family if the non-resident is removed.

Mandated Substance Abuse Treatment

The judicial system knows that incarceration is not a catch all remedy to criminal activity. Some offenders are not a threat to society — they are a threat to themselves. Court-ordered rehab is designed to rehabilitate people who are struggling with an addiction that is directly impacting their ability to be a productive member of society. Substance abuse assessments are used to determine if the offender is adhering to the program.

Mandated Women’s Therapy

Women’s therapy surrounds issues that impact a woman’s mental health. These concerns might be related to gender stereotyping or assumptions and concerns related to women’s health. However, they are also likely to include other challenges faced by women that have nothing to do with gender. Should a mental health assessment be necessary, a psychological assessment can be conducted.

Parent Coordination Intervention

Parent coordination is a child-focused form of alternative conflict resolution. This is a process that aims to mitigate disputes between caretakers through the development of a parenting plan. Parents who have grown distrustful of one another, or are simply are unable to reach decisions in a fair and amicable way, can utilize a mental health professional as an intermediary.

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Have You Been Mandated for a Court Ordered Assessment?

If the court is involved with a mental health concern, the evaluating therapist will make recommendations based on the treatment required. This means, issues such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, PTSD, and other related mental health issues will need to be reported to the court. This may be a favorable outcome; as a court order implies that the result can influence the direction of the judgment.

Typically, a written report is provided to an attorney or probation officer – depending on the circumstances and usually with the client’s consent – following the evaluation. The degree to which an evaluator is involved however is determined on a case-by-case basis.

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