Hi! I’m Helen

My name is Helen Ceballo-Hernandez and I am a counselor based at the Fountain Hill Center for Counseling and Consultation in downtown Grand Rapids located at 534 Fountain Street NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.

I spent the earlier part of my life teaching around the world. I spent half a decade teaching in New York City, and another half teaching abroad; three years in Lebanon and two years in China. Following this, I relocated to Berrien Springs, Michigan in order to complete my PHD in Educational Psychology at Andrews University. After that, I completed a masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) in route to the PHD. I then relocated again to Grand Rapids, Michigan previous to graduating from the degree in CMHC.

I have since earned my counseling licensure as a Limited Licensed Professional Counselor (LLPC) and the master’s degree in CMHC. Now, I am currently completing the PHD.

What I’m really trying to say is – I’m sharp, I’m experienced, and I love people.

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My Philosophy

Counseling takes courage! Counseling requires work and courage to make healthy changes. There is no judgement or fault-finding. There is only support and joined work between you and me to help you heal, grow and thrive. Together we will work so that the rest of your life‘s story may be genuine and fulfilling. I will be honored to work along with you as you courageously change into a better version of yourself one session at a time.

My personal world-view is that in the manner that we therapists restore value and self-worth to the client, we are equally upholding the client’s God given image in each session. Here you are welcome and safe to be courageous. Let’s be courageous together.

Get in Touch Now!

My aim is to make all the mental health services I provide both accessible and affordable. I accept many insurances, and have variable payment options based on financial need. I also participate in community education efforts to reduce stigmas that pertain to mental health by engaging in multiple forms of outreach — from community suppers to free workshops.