Depression Treatment in Grand Rapids

Depression is a serious, but common condition. Counseling and treatment for depression examines how negative thought patterns may be affecting your mood. As the depression treatment continues, the therapist may shift their focus on to how you relate to others. The depression therapist may also look to measure how positive changes in your personal relationships improve your well-being.

Sometimes people are depressed after losing someone. That makes sense. Mourning is a process, and everyone would typically mourn someone that they loved. However, if a year passes and you still find yourself in a state of mourning like the person passed two days ago, that’s a problem. That’s likely to be a state of depression.

Depression, is that cloud that hangs over your head. A chronic state where everything hurts. Breathing hurts. Thinking hurts. Your body can literally ache. That’s what depression does to you; it robs you of your energy, desires, and sometimes your will to live.

How Can I Tell If I Am Suffering From Depression?

When was the last time you looked into a mirror and said to yourself, “Wow! I am super happy today” or “I feel great today!” Has it been a while?

If so, then you need to pay very close attention.

According to WHO, 50% of Americans don’t get treatment for their depression. It means that you or your loved one could be suffering from depression without them even realizing it. Depression has physical as well as emotional symptoms.

Understanding these symptoms, is an essential part of tackling the problem. It can also help you avoid wasting a lot time and money attempting to self medicate or trying to discover what is degrading your quality of life.

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Overcome Your Depression With Therapy

Depression can develop due to a variety of reasons such as the death of a loved one, breakup, divorce, major life event change, or even family history. Symptoms of depression are never one-size-fits-all. One person may experience completely different symptoms from the other, but there are some signs which may indicate that someone is going through depression.

How can you tell if it’s depression? Here are some of the symptoms of depression:

  1. You have a constant lack of energy and feel tired, even when you’re well rested.
  2. Feelings of sadness and low spirits all the time.
  3. Wanting to stay alone all the time and not seeing other people.
  4. Having difficulty remembering things or making decisions.
  5. Struggling with feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.
  6. Constant feelings of restlessness and agitation regularly.
  7. Baffling body aches and pains.
  8. Lack of interest in everything and not getting any pleasure out of anything.
  9. Suicidal thoughts (severe cases).

If you recognize these symptoms of depression within yourself or a loved one, seeking help should be a priority. Depression is treatable, and in most cases curable. However, if left unchecked, depression can worsen and even result in death.

Seeking the intervention of a psychiatrist can help people identify issues and find holistic ways to recover. It can also help people avoid addictive and mind altering medications.

Depression Counseling Services Available

Benefits of Therapy Over Medication

A 2013 study conducted by the University of Ottawa shows that psychotherapy works even better than medication in the long-term. Psychotherapy has a significantly lower rate of relapse (26.5 percent) as compared to medications (56.6 percent). The same study also revealed that psychotherapy had a lower dropout rate than medication.

Medication is still helpful for treating depression. However, medication also carries the potential risk of eliciting long-term side effects. Psychotherapy is a natural way of treating depression with no side-effects and lesser chances of relapsing depression episodes.

Treating Depression With Therapy

  1. We implement different techniques such as cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy or CBT, based on your specific problems.
  2. With our CBT treatment, learn how to control your emotions and negative thoughts, and change your behavior to engage in activities that bring happiness.
  3. See instant relief in stress and develop a new perspective on your problems.
  4. Avoid the use of heavy medication with hefty side-effects, addiction, and expenses.
  5. Learn how to deal with patterns of negative thoughts and emotions.
  6. Overcome suicidal thoughts and learn how to cope with phases of anxiety.
  7. Develop the skills needed to talk about your problems with others, so you can avoid slipping back into a depressive state.

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Find Depression Treatment Near Me

Depression counseling and psychotherapy can be a very effective treatment for depression. This is because, similar to anxiety problems, counseling for depression addresses the root causes for the issues involved. By delving into the underlying reasons for your depression and learning new coping skills, you can take ownership of coping mechanisms that can assist you for a lifetime.

Depression treatment with psychotherapy is not an easy fix, but it can be a lasting one. Our modern culture has normalized “fixing depression” with medication. However, there are natural alternatives that help control depression, and therapy has been proven to be an essential part of depression treatment. As you continue to tackle new challenges and obstacles in life, you will be better able to navigate your own mental landscape.

Get The Depression Counseling You Need

Our expert psychologists try to analyze the root cause of your depression and then provide you with the treatment that is best suited for your specific condition. The best part is, with psychotherapy, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of a relapse. Studies prove that the relapse rate is extremely low with psycho-therapeutic treatments.

You have the power to find happiness once again in the things that used to excite you. Imagine leaving our clinic with effective coping techniques to fight your depression.

It is possible to enjoy spending time with your friends and family again. You can reclaim your ability to laugh freely, have a great time, and thoroughly enjoy your life once again.

Recovery is possible.

Call us today and speak with a psychotherapist today. No more canceling plans with your friends or family because you don’t feel like going out. Don’t let your depression dictate the quality of your life or keep you from doing the things you used to love.

Reclaiming your life is possible. All you need is some help, and you can take the first step today.

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HCH Therapy and Counseling has depression counseling services for a wide range of severity levels. If you or someone you know is displaying signs of depression, don’t keep it to yourself. Take steps to address depression should you encounter it, because it can become a serious life-threatening thought process that’s hard to escape in silence. Act now, before it’s too late.