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Anger Management Treatment

Anger management is the process of learning how to identify and deal with the causes that trigger anger. During the process, this counseling service can help people identify unknown and underlying stressors, and teach them key steps to staying calm. In time, anger management can help modify a person’s behavior to handle tense situations in a more positive way.

ADHD and ADD Treatment

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a medical condition that impairs brain activity and lowers attention, the ability to sit still, and self-control. Learn more about the history of Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity Disorder, the common symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, the difficulties of treating ADHD, and how to get help with ADHD treatment.

Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Anxiety disorders are an underrated but pervasive problem in most industrialized countries. Sometimes, the cause of anxiety is easy to spot, while other times it may not be. Anxiety can cause nervousness, worry, or self-doubt. Everyone feels some level of anxiety once in a while, but overwhelming, recurring, or spontaneous dread can be a real problem. When anxiety interferes with everyday life, talking to a therapist can help.

Depression Counseling

Depression is a serious, but common, condition. It often causes people to feel sad or empty for long periods of time. It can also affect one’s thinking patterns and physical health. In some cases, depression can lead people to consider suicide. Depression counseling and psychotherapy can be a very effective treatment for depression. This is because, similar to anxiety disorders, counseling for depression addresses the root causes for the issues involved.

Domestic Abuse Counseling

Domestic violence, also known as intimate partner violence, spousal abuse, and domestic abuse, occurs when one partner abuses the other. Globally, the victims of domestic violence are overwhelmingly women, and women tend to experience more severe forms of violence. There are many reasons for the behavior. A primary motive is to gain control over one’s partner. Domestic violence has different levels of severity and there are differences in how often it can occur.

Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating disorders happen when someone’s relationship to food spirals out of control. This could manifest in all sorts of ways. Some people eat too much, some eat too little, and others struggle with the physical act of eating. Although an eating disorder is considered a mental illness, it often has major impacts on physical health. Psychotherapy helps identify the psychological stresses that may have contributed to the onset of the eating disorder.

Blended Family Counseling

Blended families, or step families, are now common in the United States. Nearly half of marriages in the United States end in divorce. At least half of children in the U.S. live with a biological parent and a stepparent. This person might also be called a “bonus” parent. *

Family Counseling

Family therapy or family counseling is designed to address specific issues that affect the psychological health of the family, such as major life transitions or mental health conditions. It may be used as the primary mode of treatment or as a complementary approach. *

Family Behavior Therapy

Family systems therapy draws on systems thinking in its view of the family as an emotional unit. When systems thinking—which evaluates the parts of a system in relation to the whole—is applied to families, it suggests behavior is both often informed by and inseparable from the functioning of one’s family of origin. *

Counseling for Couples

Couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy in which a therapist with clinical experience working with couples helps two people involved in a romantic relationship gain insight into their relationship, resolve conflict and improve relationship satisfaction utilizing a variety of therapeutic interventions. *

Premarital Counseling Services

Premarital counseling, a specialized type of therapy that offers benefit to all couples who are considering a long-term commitment such as marriage. The goal of premarital counseling is to identify and address any potential areas of conflict in a relationship early on, before those issues become serious concerns, and teach partners effective strategies for discussing and resolving conflict. **

Marriage Counseling Services

Marriage counseling is a form of therapy that supports people in marital covenant. This form of intimate relationships commonly has social, legal, and spiritual implications, which makes the union considerably more complex. This type of therapy may be helpful for partners considering separation or seeking improved intimacy and understanding. While the relationship itself is the focus in marital counseling, each partner is expected to pay attention to self-improvement and self-awareness. **

Children’s Therapy

Child therapy is psychotherapy focused on the psychological needs of children. Like adults, there are times when children need the expertise of a psychotherapist and children’s therapy was developed to fill this need. Most parents raise the question of what is children’s therapy once they realize there is a difference between adult and child psychotherapy. *

Play Therapy for Children

Play therapy is a form of therapy primarily geared toward children. In this form of therapy, a therapist encourages a child to explore life events that may have an effect on current circumstances, in a manner and pace of the child’s choosing, primarily through play but also through language. *

Immigration Hardship Evaluations

Hardship Evaluations are reports written by a mental health professional in relation to a pending immigration case. The process of evaluation aims to predict the hardship or psychological distress that would be experienced by a US citizen as a result of the removal of the non-permanent resident relative from the US. **

Life Transition Counseling

Adjusting to change can be difficult, as even positive life transitions tend to cause some stress. Some of these changes, such as marriages, births, and new jobs, are generally positive, although they may be accompanied by their own unique stressors. Other major life transitions, such as moving, retirement, or entering the “empty nest” phase of life may cause a significant amount of stress. Those who find themselves experiencing difficulty coping with life transitions may find it helpful to speak to a therapist in order to become better able to adjust to changes they cannot control. **

Sexual Abuse Treatment

Sexual abuse is any form of sexual violence, including rape, child molestation, incest, and similar forms of non-consensual sexual contact. Most sexual abuse experts agree sexual abuse is never only about sex. Instead, it is often an attempt to gain power over others. *

Sexual Addiction Treatment

Sexual addiction is a condition of being unable to control sexual behavior. People who are struggling with an addiction to sex, are excessively preoccupied with sexual thoughts and behaviors. When it goes untreated, sex addiction can prevent meaningful relationships from forming and can severely interrupt daily life.

Christian Counseling Services

Christian counseling, also known as biblical counseling and Christian psychology, combines your faith with the principles of psychology to improve your mental health and relationships. More specifically, this therapy approach uses scripture and biblical teachings to help you deal with life’s challenges. *

Spirituality Counseling

Spirituality is typically defined as the search for transcendent meaning or as a belief in a greater existence outside of humankind. It can be linked to religion, but the practice of spirituality is generally considered to go beyond religion and connect individuals with something larger, such as the universe itself. *

Substance Abuse Treatment

Addiction, or dependence on a particular substance or activity, is one of the most complex areas of mental health. Addiction can often be difficult to treat, and there is a good deal of controversy surrounding the causes of addiction and the best approaches to treatment. Individuals who find themselves experiencing an addiction to drugs or alcohol often find the services of a mental health professional to be helpful in overcoming the addiction. *

Adolescent Issues

Learn more about issues that generally affect teens — such as issues of identity, sexuality, independence, relationships, anxiety, and psychological disorders. We also explore ways to intervene, such as seeking counseling about counseling, and talking to other professionals to find some middle ground.

Parent Coordination Services

Parent coordination is a form of dispute resolution that goes beyond mediation, psychotherapy, and other forms of resolving conflicts between co-parents. It’s often referred to as a child-focused alternative conflict resolution process that’s centered around the formulation and implementation of a parenting plan. **

Substance Abuse Assessments

Addiction to drugs and alcohol affects all areas of your life. The addiction can lead to poor decision-making, which may include things you would never do sober, such as committing crimes. In some cases, a judge sentences an offender to mandatory addiction treatment instead of jail time, but this type of sentence is not a “get-out-of-jail-free” card. Court-ordered rehab comes with a set of eligibility requirements and requires successful completion to satisfy sentencing in the case. *

Women’s Therapy and Assessments

Psychological assessment is a process of testing that uses a combination of techniques to help arrive at some hypotheses about a person and their behavior, personality and capabilities. When this is court ordered, a therapist performs a battery of psychological exams to generate a report for someone. **

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