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Domestic violence, also known as intimate partner violence, spousal abuse, and domestic abuse, occurs when one partner abuses the other. Around the world, the vast majority of domestic violence victims are women. Women also tend to encounter more severe acts of violence. There are many reasons for this. A primary motive is to gain control over one’s partner. Domestic violence has different levels of severity and there are differences in how often it can occur. It may happen in any type of relationship. It can impact family, friends, and others. Seeking counseling is generally recommended for people who have experienced domestic violence.

domestic abuse counseling

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HCH Therapy and Counseling can help you deal with domestic abuse and get the help you need. My aim is to make all the mental health services I provide both accessible and affordable. I accept many insurances, and have variable payment options based on financial need. I also participate in community education efforts to reduce stigmas that pertain to mental health by engaging in multiple forms of outreach — from community suppers to free workshops.