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Couples counseling is a type of psychotherapy in which a therapist helps two people involved in a romantic relationship gain insight into their relationship, resolve conflict, and improve relationship satisfaction. Unfortunately, most couples wait until they’re exasperated to seek counseling. Instead of addressing the elephant in the room, people have a tendency to settle for the peaks of joy, while riding a relative wave of conflict more often than not. They’ve been doing the same thing for ages, expecting a different result to eventually emerge. That’s the definition of insanity. One study showed that couples on average wait almost six years before seeking counseling. Now that’s really crazy.

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Sometimes it takes a safe space to spark communication for couples. For some couples, their communication skills is an art of not communicating at all.

Couples counseling is where you have the space to have a third party present to make sure you’re able to be heard and honest, but not crude. By conversing, you get to say the things you are really feeling, the things that you’re thinking. And when you feel, when you make yourself that vulnerable, and you see that your partner is doing the exact same thing – that vulnerability can reignite the spark. When you make yourself vulnerable to your partner, you make yourself so attractive. I see you. I see what you’re trying to tell me. That took a lot of courage. You can’t help but want to come alongside the person who just said, I trust you this much. I’m going to tell you this. It just inspires trust, it inspires a sense of cooperation. But, there’s a lot of tough conversations that couples don’t want to have with each other. And so they don’t have the conversations. Over time, they start having these small spots of resentment. Until it becomes all resentment all together.

It takes courage. Don’t be ashamed that you need help. Your personal stuff can affect the relationship. Their personal stuff can affect the relationship. There is no topic off-limits, and no trauma so great, that it can’t be addressed. Let’s be courageous together.

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We offer couples counseling services to people of all backgrounds and age groups. My aim is to make all the mental health services I provide both accessible and affordable. I accept many insurances, and have variable payment options based on financial need.