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Spanish Speaking Therapist in Grand Rapids

If English is not your preferred language, I can offer Spanish-speaking clients counseling in their native tongue. If Spanish is your first language and you’re unable to speak to your therapist in Spanish, there could be lingering issues that might be left unsaid. When counselors and clients are unable to communicate effectively, both parties often leave the counseling session feeling unsatisfied.

Our goal at HCH is to ensure you have all the tools you need to be open and forthcoming about your issues, no matter what language you speak.

Best Counseling in Spanish

Only 5.5% of therapists nationwide can provide psychotherapy in Spanish. This translates into less options when approaching some practices. When clients experience language barriers or a cultural disconnect with their counselor, it increases the likelihood that they will not pursue therapy. We want you to speak the words in your heart. HCH Therapy and Counseling is committed to providing counseling in Spanish to the communities that speak it.

Several studies over the past decade clearly demonstrate that Spanish-speaking clients seeking mental health services in the United States will encounter some difficulty finding the support they need in their native tongue. However, the real problem falls on the lack of Spanish speakers in the field of Psychology. In a nationwide APA survey of Health Service Providers, only 5.5 percent of psychologists said they can provide services in Spanish.

This is staggering, especially considering that people of Hispanic origin account for almost 18 percent of the total U.S. population. Hispanics are the largest ethnic group in the United States. By 2060, Census projections estimate the Hispanic community will reach 119 million people, representing more than 28 percent of the American population. Grand Rapids mirrors this trend in Latino American communities, almost verbatim.

If you are a part of this growing population, and you need to speak with a therapist in Spanish, please contact us. We can connect you with a Spanish speaking therapist that works near you.

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English-Spanish Bilingual Counseling Services

Find Your Therapist in Spanish

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Spanish Speaking Therapist Near Me

HCH Therapy and Counseling currently operates in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and we connect people in our community with the right combination of mental health services they need. Our network of professionals include bilingual psychologists and cover all major mental health issues in Spanish. We handle couples counseling in Spanish, as well as issues with substance abuse, domestic violence, anger management problems, anxiety problems, acute depression, difficulties with life transitions, sexual abuse, sexual addiction, spirituality counseling, family therapy, premarital counseling, marriage counseling, and counseling and evaluation therapy for women.

Need a Spanish Speaking Counselor?

As a woman of Hispanic decent, I take pride in being bilingual. Despite the linguistic and cultural diversity that exists in America, bilingualism and multiculturalism are often overlooked when it comes to the field of psychotherapy. As a bilingual therapist, my goal is to do my part in eliminating the language barriers that often compromise the quality of care for the Hispanic and Latino communities.

Don’t suffer in silence! Connect with a Spanish speaking counselor today and begin tackling your mental health issues. I provide counseling in Spanish for those who feel most comfortable speaking in their native tongue. Don’t let language keep you from getting help. Call today and speak to your therapist in Spanish.

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Don’t struggle to communicate your thoughts and emotions when your access to a Spanish speaking therapist is right at your fingertips! We provide couples counseling in Spanish and bilingual marriage counseling services. We also cover family therapy in Spanish and most mental health services in Spanish. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.