Organizational and Small Business Workshops

Looking to address an issue or shortcoming within your business? HCH Therapy and Counseling offers small business workshops for agencies and private companies who need them. The workplace is where we unveil our talents and abilities. We cooperate with co-workers, at times with varying departments, and even different companies and agencies. Somewhere in the process, the work that allows us to showcase our skills can also become a place of intense stress. This can be followed by anxious thoughts, and even challenging work-relationships.

There are other cases where employers and employees equally need to regroup. This allows everyone to recharge, obtain adaptive strategies, and learn new skills for the changes in their work environment. HCH Therapy and Counseling can provide business workshops and trainings for organizations of different sizes, with a hands-on approach that gives personnel realistic approaches and applicable tools to maintain a healthier work-life.

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Workshops for Companies and Private Businesses

HCH Therapy and Counseling also develops workshops for companies looking to address any topic that pertains to mental health and interpersonal relationships. The purpose of the workshop is to give employees the education necessary for understanding the challenges and traumas they experience in the work-field. Subsequently and most importantly, the workshop gives employees practical, hands-on skills and approaches to properly handle the inherent hardships to the work.

These learned skills and approaches will allay, decrease, and even prevent the increase of unnecessary stress. When left unchecked mounting stress promotes unhealthy results, such as lack of sleep and hypervigilance among the employees. The workshop is adapted to meet the intrinsic needs of the employees in their work force.

Professional Development for Teachers and Personnel

Teachers and administrators in education deserve to receive new approaches and skills for coping with children in a world that’s high-speed internet driven. Some of the students’ maladaptive attitudes can be mitigated and truncated by classroom teachers, if they are given the information and new skills. As a former high school teacher and current therapist, I understand the challenges teachers experience.

I would like to be a support to teachers through trainings and professional development so they may continue being the instruments of change in our children’s lives. HCH Therapy and Counseling can provide seminars and trainings to both teachers and administrators, to improve interpersonal skills and overall organizational health.

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Benefit From a Business Workshop

Businesses thrive and grow because of the leadership and efforts of people. However, if the people in the business are being negatively affected as they engage in their endeavors, the business will not perform at its optimum potential. We work closely with team-leaders, managers and entry level employees to optimize employees Emotional Quotient (EQ) or Emotional Intelligence (EI)- which is the understanding, managing and expressing of one’s own feelings and engaging, with the feelings of others in an efficient manner.

Healthy work relationships promote and advance the business’ ability to thrive and perform exceedingly well. We work to understand the ethos of the business and business’ work environment to improve the EQ in alignment with the business’ ethos. Addressing this core need almost ensures that the business will naturally succeed. Do you need a seminar, organizational training, or business workshop series? Give us a call and get a quote today!

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My aim is to make all the mental health services I provide both accessible and affordable. I accept many insurances, and have variable payment options based on financial need. I also participate in community education efforts to reduce stigmas that pertain to mental health by engaging in multiple forms of outreach — from community suppers to free workshops.